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The characteristics of code anti-counterfeiting technology:
- the unforgeability: security code identifies concentrated number of high-tech means, has a unique security mechanism. Even the forger mastered the method of manufacturing the anti-counterfeit labels, but not forge the correct security password corresponding to the real thing, but can not send fake password information stored in the center database. Therefore, it is an essential to eliminate the large scale industrial fraud.
- marking uniqueness: uniqueness, one encoding a product, by computer generated random encryption, no repeat.
- password confidentiality: each security password is hidden in the code security labels, only open label, to see the password. When the password is the first query, the central database will automatically record the time of the query, and the product of the password file automatically eliminates the possibility to eliminate the use of false proof password.
Easy to identify the simple: consumers only need to dial telephone or Internet inquiries, we can know the authenticity.
PSBS anti fake process
In order to fight against counterfeit products, maintain the customer's legitimate rights and interests and Panasonic VRLA battery market reputation, our company in July 1, 2001 (by product certification date), 12V100Ah, 12V65Ah two types of battery anti-counterfeit labels, logo color is yellow, the telephone number is 16840315 or 0898-95315000.
In March 4, 2002 (based on the date of the certificate of products), 12V24Ah, 12V38Ah two models of the implementation of the security of the battery logo, logo color is yellow, check the phone is 16840315.
In December 9, 2002 (the date of the certificate of products to be subject to change the anti fake label):
(1) query phone changes: the company headquarters moved to 0898-95315000 Zaoxin due to 010-64450315.
(2) increase the online query WWW.P-PASS.COM.
(3) by the original label, a voice system is changed to four kinds of tags, corresponding to four kinds of voice system.
At the beginning of 2004, the company opened a Zaoxin unified national hotline 95105600, will gradually replace the 16840315. In order to ensure the normal work of the query, the company will set up two number Zaoxin coexist during the transition period. Corresponding to the label on the way of change, that is, 16840315 into 95105600, the other way 010-64450315 and www.p-pass.com unchanged. My company and the old and new labels using natural cut for.
April 1, 2005 (by product certification date), anti-counterfeit labels by scraping to uncover, open top, yellow film, printed on the 16 bit digital security, increase the query message query, on the basis of the original China Mobile 3315, China Unicom 9331.
In July 2005 for the implementation of new varieties of 12V120Ah battery security, the beginning of the use of 100Ah logo, natural cut for the 12V100Ah and 12V120Ah common security labels. At the same time the voice prompt is changed to 12 volts or 12 volts 100 ah ah 120 products.
August 2005 new varieties of 12V75Ah battery implementation of anti fake, starting with the use of 65Ah logo, natural cut for the 12V65Ah and 12V75Ah shared security labels. At the same time the voice prompt is changed to 12 volts or 12 volts 65 ah ah 75 products.
In October 2005, due to the Yellow substrate film affixed to the black battery, the color digital is not easy to read, from the 100Ah anti fake label to change to white background film, other varieties of natural. At present all the bottom film are white.
In March 2007 for the convenience of customer inquiries, I decided to turn the digital security tag large. On the label surface without any change, just under the surface of the digital anti-counterfeiting becomes large, and the original semi circle "car battery (Shenyang) Co. Ltd" is changed to "Panasonic". The new anti-counterfeit labels will be put into use. 12V100Ah/12V120Ah from March 14, 2007 to start cutting, the other 3 varieties from mid April to mid May natural cut for.
In April 2007, due to technical updates and increase in customer demand, high security company CS system will be changed to the original BS system, the new system query changes are as follows:
(1) enquiries from 95105600 to 4008155888
(2) mobile query messages changed from 3315 to 33156
(3) Unicom query message changed from 9331 to 93316
(4) query URL by www.p-pass.com change to www.t3315.com query in order to ensure the normal work, our company will be two system set up the coexistence of the transition period, the original label within the period of validity for the original query is still valid. The natural cut for use of our new label, 12V100Ah/12V120Ah in 2007 will be cut for 4 months late, the other varieties in natural kirikae.
In February 2008, with the Ministry of information industry of the four network integration project implementation, the SMS channel upgrade, SMS query number our battery label is also 33156 (mobile) and 93316 (China Unicom) unified upgrade to 106633156. SMS query method is changed to: edit FW* anti fake digital text messages to 106633156 inquiries.
In April 25, 2011 (by the date of the certificate of products), the 12V150Ah/12V500W and 12V200Ah/12V700W two models of the implementation of the security identification of the battery green.
In March 1, 2012, North Company (106610987 SMS business operators) China Mobile canceled our SMS anti-counterfeiting function, so we can only call the security label query query: 4008155888 and two ways: www.t3315.com network query.
In May 1, 2012 (with the date of certificate of products), the surface pattern and color of the anti fake label is changed, and the size of the label and the number of the inquiry code are not changed.
In May 1, 2012 (with the date of the certificate of products) from five kinds of labels, corresponding to five kinds of voice system:
Product model
Prior to May 1, 2012 (according to the factory certificate) label color
After May 1, 2012 (according to the factory certificate) label color
Voice prompt


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