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Advantages of Panasonic battery fast charging

Advantages of Panasonic battery fast charging:

(1) The charging time is greatly shortened, and the charging efficiency is multiplied

According to the conventional charging method, the initial charging of the new lead-acid battery needs 72-100h, and it needs to be charged and discharged several times repeatedly, so that all the active substances of the plate can be reduced to lead dioxide and spongy lead, reaching its rated capacity. It takes more than 20h to charge the battery in this way. However, when the new battery is initially charged with a fast charger, its rated capacity can be achieved within 10 hours, and the normal charging time is no more than 3 hours.

(2) Can increase the capacity of Panasonic battery

Due to the rapid charging technology, not only can the polarization voltage generated around the plate be removed, but also the depth of the chemical reaction of the plate is increased and the active substances are fully reduced, so that the capacity of the bitter battery is increased.

(3) Remarkable effect of devulcanization

The fast charging output is a large current pulse, so it can activate some substances on the plate surface that have been vulcanized and cannot be reduced, and even make some Panasonic batteries that cannot be charged due to vulcanization return to use.

(4) Energy saving

It's obvious that reducing the charging time itself saves power. Taking the initial charging of new battery as an example, when the small current is slowly charged, it needs to consume 8 times of the capacity of Panasonic battery to complete the initial charging (not including the electric energy consumed by several charging and discharging cycles). Compared with the rapid charging, only half of the electric energy can be consumed.


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