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Some mistakes in using Panasonic battery

At present, UPS has been widely used in various economic fields, playing an important role in communication, e-commerce, finance, medical treatment, petrochemical industry, industrial automation and other fields, not only to protect the load of UPS, but also to protect the products generated by the load, such as the data in the computer. As an important part of UPS, UPS battery is correctly selected and used in standard time machine, and the service life of Panasonic battery is extended as much as possible. Today, the ups manufacturer gives a detailed introduction to the use of UPS battery errors.

1. Check the electrolytic liquid level irregularly

During the use of Panasonic battery, the electrolyte level is reduced due to evaporation of electrolyte water and overflow of solution. In this way, the electrode plate is easy to be exposed to the air, resulting in the reduction of capacitance and plate vulcanization. Therefore, regular inspection is necessary. The liquid level should be 10-15mm higher than the plate, if not enough, add distilled water, such as electrolyte overflow. An electrolyte of the same specific gravity shall be added.

2. Do not pay attention to keep the battery surface clean and dry

There is dirt on the plate, which is easy to cause short circuit between plates. Allow the battery to discharge itself. Therefore, the surface dirt and oxide on the plate must be removed frequently to prevent the dirty water from flowing into it.

3. Do not adjust the specific gravity of electrolyte in time

During the charging and discharging process of Panasonic UPS battery, the electrolyte will become thick or thin, so when checking the specific gravity of electrolyte, you can know the storage power of the battery. When the specific gravity is less than 1.18, it shall be charged in time. To avoid sharp drop of voltage and shorten the service life of battery. The specific gravity of electrolyte should be adjusted in different seasons. As the reduction of electrolyte temperature will reduce the capacity of battery, part of electrolyte should be sucked out in winter, and some electrolyte with larger ratio should be added to increase the specific gravity; after spring, part of electrolyte should be sucked out in time. Add some distilled water to reduce the specific gravity.

4. Impure electrolyte

If industrial sulfuric acid is used instead of chemical sulfuric acid. Using tap water or river water instead of distilled water to add into the battery will cause self discharge. Shorten battery life.

5. Do not pay attention to the ventilation of the liquid filling cover

If the vent is blocked, the gas generated during charging cannot escape. Even the ups battery will explode by itself. Therefore, the vent must be kept clear.

6. Overcharge

The battery will overheat due to charging, resulting in a large amount of water consumption, positive expansion and bending. In order to avoid over charging of Panasonic UPS battery, it is necessary to check the regulator regulator data frequently to keep it within the specified range.

7. Do not maintain batteries that have been out of service for a long time

UPS battery is out of service for a long time without maintenance. The electrode plate is easy to be vulcanized, which shortens the service life of the battery. The right way is to take out the battery and store it indoors after it is fully charged, then charge it again every two months.

8. Never pay attention to the ammeter reading

When the electric equipment is not in use, if the Panasonic battery is found to discharge, the ammeter points to the "one" value. The cause of the fault must be found out and eliminated immediately, otherwise its service life will be shortened.


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