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What are the causes of the fire in the battery of Panasonic UPS

The virtual connection of the cable joint causes the contact resistance to be too large, and the contact surface is oxidized seriously after the temperature rises, which further causes the contact resistance to continue to increase, and finally causes the electrical ignition or even arcing, which ignites the combustible nearby and causes the fire.

The short circuit accident of UPS back-end line, switch or load causes the internal fire of UPS battery or explosion of high-power components.

The metal dust in the installation site of Panasonic battery is serious. The dust is inhaled into the ups through the cooling fan of ups. When the concentration reaches a certain value, it will cause the internal fire of ups.

The connecting cable of Panasonic battery was scratched by the iron sheet of the battery cabinet when entering and leaving the battery cabinet, resulting in the short circuit of the insulation layer.

Panasonic UPS battery short circuit treatment method:

Reduce the charging current and voltage, and check whether the safety valve body is blocked. Charge and discharge regularly. The floating charge voltage and discharge voltage of lead-acid battery in UPS power supply battery system have been adjusted to the rated value at the time of delivery, and the discharge current increases with the increase of load. The load should be adjusted reasonably in use, such as the number of electronic equipment such as control computer.

During the installation of lead-acid battery, insulation measures shall be taken for the tools to be used. During the wiring, the electrical appliances other than the battery shall be connected first, and then the battery shall be connected after the inspection without short circuit. The wiring specification shall be good insulation to prevent the overlapping pressure from cracking.

The above is the reason for the short circuit of Panasonic UPS battery and the solution. In daily use, it is necessary to strictly abide by the use requirements of UPS battery and do a good job of careful maintenance, so as to better prevent the short circuit of UPS lead-acid battery, make the lead-acid battery more safe to use and have a longer life.


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