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Causes of affecting the service life of Panasonic UPS battery

At present, the maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery widely used in small and medium UPS power supply accounts for as much as 1 / 4-1 / 2 of the total cost of UPS power supply. Not only that, the actual maintenance also shows that more than 50% of UPS power failure is related to UPS battery. The failure of Panasonic UPS battery is mainly manifested in insufficient terminal voltage, insufficient capacity or instantaneous discharge current not meeting the requirements of on load startup.

The life span of Panasonic UPS battery in normal use is about 5 years, but at present, a considerable number of UPS batteries in China begin to have problems within 1 year after being put into use. What's more, some domestic batteries of imported brands have congenital defects in manufacturing process, on the other hand, they are caused by the lack of necessary maintenance the day after tomorrow. It is worth noting that many users do not know the health status of UPS battery in their own system due to the lack of necessary test and maintenance means, which leaves hidden dangers for the normal operation of UPS system.

Although the structure design and the use of raw materials of UPS battery have been greatly improved and the performance has been greatly improved. Many well-designed and well used maintenance free lead-acid batteries have a theoretical life of more than 15-20 years, but few batteries can really achieve such a life in use. The reasons are as follows:

1. Panasonic battery has strict requirements for its charging equipment when the ambient temperature changes. Due to the design defects of the past charging equipment, the normal service life of the battery is affected.

2. After the discharge of Panasonic battery, due to the inconvenient use of charging equipment in the past, the user could not supplement the ups battery in time. The damage caused by this is that the battery life is greatly shortened.

3. Temperature and temperature have a great influence on Panasonic UPS battery, too high or too low will lead to the decline of battery service life (high temperature leads to overcharge, low temperature leads to insufficient charging), especially high temperature, which has a particularly significant impact on battery life. Generally speaking, the ambient temperature should be controlled at about 25 ℃.

4. The influence of discharge depth on the service life of UPS battery is also very large. The larger the discharge depth of Panasonic battery is, the less the number of times of cycle use is. Therefore, the deep discharge should be avoided as far as possible. Low current discharge is easy to cause deep discharge.

5. Charging current: the charging and discharging current of UPS battery is generally expressed in C. the actual value of C is related to the battery capacity. For example, a battery of 100Ah, C = 100A. Generally speaking, the best charging current of lead-acid maintenance free battery is about 0.1C. Too much or too little charging current will affect the service life of UPS battery.

6. Panasonic UPS battery should be checked regularly after using for a period of time, and the corresponding maintenance should be done according to the quality of municipal power supply. In places with good quality and long-term power failure, the battery should be activated and discharged every other period of time to prevent the battery from floating charge and poor activity for a long time. The time interval can be half a year, and the discharge depth is about 30% of the battery capacity.


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